Census and Demographic Data

Census Data

Census and Demographic Data

Apportionment Map

Looking toward the 2030 Census

Combining GIS and Statistics for Better Decision Making, by Meenal Dhande, Geospatial World, June 15, 2023.

Hear from Deirdre Dalpiaz Bishop, Chief of the Geography Division at the US Census Bureau.  She discusses challenges of connecting data with the community.

Think about why people live where they do.  Explore this story map: Why do people live in McElmo Canyon?

Geographic Distribution of Funds to States

Counting for Pennies, a way to discuss community resources:  Check out this lesson to understand the importance of counting everyone in your community so that the money collected by the government is returned to the people.  Explore the activity and download the board.

Demonstration of Counting for Pennies Activity





Census 2020 Educator Workshop GeoCivics presenters

2020 Census workers preparing for the decennial count.

Keep an eye on how the 2020 Census data are reported



Tricking the Tallyman