Welcome to GeoCivics

Welcome to GeoCivics

Drawing Fair Electoral Districts

How do we get to fair maps?

Is Gerrymandering About to Become More Difficult?  An interview with Moon Duchin

Choice Cuts: How competing redistricting requirements will shape Colorado's congressional map. by Evan Wyloge

Put your mapmaking skills to the test in this mapmaking competition


Apportionment Data Released by the United States Census Bureau


GeoCivics provides a suite of state-based resources to develop skills and knowledge for discussing the apportionment and redistricting process in the United States. The more voices participating in this process, the more the electoral districts will reflect the community.  These resources prepare and support students, teachers, and community members with interactive tools and geospatial data, leading to engagement in conversation about the construction of electoral districts. Paying attention to where lines are drawn, by whom, and under what circumstances informs how people are governed. Everyone in the community should be equipped to ask questions of people in each jurisdiction - federal, state, and local - charged with instructing the cartographers in this task.

Q&A with Rebecca Theobald, by Moe Clark, Colorado Newsline, April 9, 2021



Explore the GeoCivics Story Map

Use Flashes of Insight Redistricting Criteria Discussion Tool - Now in Spanish!

Review this table to identify the best redistricting tools for exploring your community and classroom.

Reform, interrupted: The new mapmakers mainly face the old partisan rules - Sara Swann, The Fulcrum, November 24, 2020

Understanding Political Landscapes through the Humanities and Geospatial Technology

Electoral Redistricting in the Era of Geospatial Technology - GIS Day Lightening Talks, University of Colorado Boulder, November 13, 2020


Interactive Resources for Teaching about Electoral Redistricting and Gerrymandering - National Council for the Social Studies Summer Pop-UP! Professional Development, June 28, 2021

A Geographer's Place in Redistricting - Michelle Kinzer, From the Meridian, ArcNews, Spring 2021

What can I do about redistricting? - American Association of Geographers, Fall 2020

Add your community to the map through representable.org.

Redistricting, the shape of things to come - Diana S. Sinton, Directions Magazine, May 1, 2019

Interactive Mapping for Transparent Redistricting - Research in Geographic Education, Fall 2019

Please contact Rebecca Theobald in the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies for more information, or complete this form.