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I'm a Community Member

This video describes redistricting and gerrymandering in terms of slicing a pizza.

This website compiles short video clips that walk you through the apportionment and redistricting process. 

  • Draw your community on Representable.org
  • Practice drawing maps using DistrictR, Dave’s Redistricting App, District Builder, or another geospatial technology.  
  • Know who your elected representatives are at the federal, state, and local levels. Visit GovTrack.us to explore the shapes of district boundaries and find out who your representative in Congress is. 
  • Investigate the activities for your state in State Resources
  • Find ways to connect with people in your state who are interested in this topic. Form partnerships to increase public awareness. Educate others about the importance of geospatial technology in the redistricting process.
  • Attend one of your state’s redistricting public hearings. Don’t know when these hearings are? Do a simple google search!
  • Advocate for your community by preparing a testimony


Members of the Colorado League of Women Voters perform the On the Move lesson on the Giant Map of Colorado.