I'm a Student


I'm a Student

A student completes the ArcGIS Online Redistricting Exercise of his state.

  • Think about apportionment in terms of ice cream. Imagine that you have one giant tub of ice cream. Every single person in the United States wants to eat some of your ice cream. So, it is up to you to decide how many scoops of ice cream to give each state, based on that state's total population size.
  • Watch this video and begin thinking about redistricting and gerrymandering in terms of slicing a pizza.
  • Know who your elected representatives are at the federal, state, and local levels. Visit GovTrack.us to explore the shapes of district boundaries and identify who speaks for you in legislative bodies.

Rules of Pizza Slicing

We want our pizza slices to be... rules of pizza slicing. same shape. same size. equal amount of cheesse. equal amount of crust. maintain crust to cheese ratio.